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Of course, you know the concept GOD, and, of course, you know the name Jesus Christ. What do these words mean to you and what did you feel when you read them? Stayed indifferent? Bored? Curious? What feelings do they arouse in you, love or hatred? Contempt? Or, maybe, awe?

What comes to your mind, when you see this name on the screen of your computer:

Jesus Christ

What is Jesus Christ to you? What do you know about Him? Maybe, on hearing this name you remember your unsuccessful attempt to read the Gospel? Incomprehensible at times and at times too plain and elementary. Or, perhaps, you remembered visiting a church? A homely-looking priest, rather indifferent and in a hurry, hastily conducting the necessary ceremonials, briefly and grudgingly answering your questions, reprimands of strict-faced old women, a choir of two or three people, singing out of tune?

No? Not that did you remember when you read these two words: Jesus Christ? Something else? What is that?

I would like to tell you first of all about what stands behind these words for me and all Orthodox people. I can hardly do it in my own words, so youll find on our site some articles, poems and other texts which might help you to understand Who Jesus Christ is, and, hopefully, one day you might encounter Him (thats why our site is called Encounter).

I am an Orthodox priest, my assistants are young people of 20-30, parishioners of St.Dmitry church of the first city hospital.

We would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with any interesting information concerning this Name.