We hear often: "The Church is for the weak". When one tries to object this telling life stories of the saints a frequent answer is that today there are no genuine Christians, nothing to say about saints.

And still there are such people among us. Olga Komarova was like this - a "common" parishioner of the hospital church.

From July,27 to August,11, 2000 a crew of our parishioners made a missionary trip across the Arkhangelsk region, to the villages of Rovdino and Shegovary of the Shenkursky district. By the grace of our Lord totally 855 residents of remote Russian provinces were baptized by the missionary groups 
of our church this year.

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This website was created by parishioners of St. Dimitry Church of the First City Hospital in Moscow.

The chief editor of answers is Archpriest Arkady Shatov, rector of the Hospital Church.

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