Dear friend!

 I am speaking to you now in Internet.
I have come here to meet you.


What are you doing here?
What are you looking here for?
Are you lonely? Do you have a real friend?
Have you found true love in you life?
Are y ou thirsty for Knowledge? Truth? Justice?
Do you want more pleasure and entertainment?

        The virtual world, where we are speaking, can replace a lot for you. It can last you your whole life if you try just to skip everything it has to offer. But do you really need this substitute? I want to tell you about another world and another reality. If suddenly now someone turns off the power, the screen will go out and the world, where we are meeting, will vanish. But if the third world war breaks out and the civilization perishes, the world, I am willing to tell you about, will remain. This world has always existed, exists, and will exist for ever and everywhere. It is available without any communication service to everyone and everywhere. This world is TRUTH. In this world you will find real friends and true love and eternal joy. This world is more real than Sun, Earth and you and me. This world is the Kingdom of God. I want to tell you about what it is like and which way leads to it and will be happy to answer all your questions.

     Your questions will be answered by priests of Russian Orthodox Church, professors and students of Orthodox St.Tikhon Theological Institute, St.Dmitry medical school of sisters of charity, members of our parish missionary meeting.

The chief editor of the answers is Archpriest Arkady Shatov,
rector of St.Dmitry Church of the First City Hospital in Moscow.